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Heading, summary and author
Massai Education - Melanie Graduation...
Melanie was supported by our club from 2015 through her Tertiary Education and graduated in 2023. She is welcomed back to her village and blessed by her church fellowship.
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Drone Mapping...
Edward Boxall, CEO of Sensorem talked to our club about his company's work with drone sensing technology. This video demonstrates one of his projects which was the drone surveillance of a Telstra Tower in Esperence, WA.
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Tree planting technique
Demonstrating use of the pottiputki tree planter
Western Australia in 1961
We gathered together in our meeting today to view this blast from the past. It was taken two years before we arrived as immigrants to this land. Memories triggered with some of the places.
Rotary for Melanoma
Rotary is launching a new project to assist with Melanoma research
Dampier Power Station Control Tower Fell
Video of felling of the Dampier Power Station Control Tower
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