Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 1086 Issue Date: 24 Sep, 2023

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Marcus Harris - club president 


President Marcus Harris offers a view of the coming year based upon the RI principal "Create Hope in the World". He will be assisted in this venture by a comprehensive list of executive and committee directors. 

Club executive and committee leaders

President Elect. Donna Thornton

Secretary. Laurie Dender

Treasurer. Michael Lee

Youth.  Donna Thornton/Byron Williamson

Club Service. Marina Berzins/Geoff Ross

Fund Raising. Harry Nesbitt/Marcus Harris

Community service. David Fisher

Aboriginal Reference Group. Bruce Dufty

Rotary Foundation. Tony Parker

International. John Boxall

Membership. Peter Batskos and Rohan Nagappa

Harry Nesbitt

Special Days
Thu, 28 Sep - Antti Kemppainen's Birthday

Thu, 28 Sep - Robyn O'Callaghan's Birthday

Sat, 30 Sep - Rebecca Moore's Birthday

Wed, 4 Oct - Phillip Skelton's Birthday

Thu, 5 Oct - Aaron Blazic's Birthday

Mon, 25 Sep - Byron and Alex Williamson will be celebrating 15 years of Marriage

Meeting Rosters
Thanks & Cleanup
3 minute bio
03 Oct, 23
Marcus Harris
10 Oct, 23
Marina Berzins
Marina Berzins
Marina Berzins
Barrie Heald
17 Oct, 23
Donna Thornton
Byron Williamson
Curt McDonald
20 Nov, 23
Marcus Harris
Upcoming Events
Event Name
Reg. By
Broadway Fair Basement
Sun, 1 Oct, 23
30 Sep, 23
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