Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 935 Issue Date: 1 Nov, 2020

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What does our club logo symbolize?


• the Rotarian stretching forward, reaching toward the goals and value of Rotary

• our locality, with aqua representing the ocean, and the hand, from the western (‘left’) side of Australia

• our modern, bold, innovative and dynamic attitude

• our vision to have fun while we serve

Special Days
Fri, 13 Nov - Alex Williamson's Birthday

Sun, 8 Nov - Jane O'Leary will have served our Rotary club for 16 years

Meeting Rosters
Thanks & Cleanup
3 minute bio
03 Nov, 20
Judy Dinnison
John Boxall
Michael Lee
Laurie Dender
10 Nov, 20
Peter Batskos
Laurie Glossop
Marcus Harris
David Fisher
Laurie Glossop
17 Nov, 20
Bruce Dufty
Laurie Dender
Jenny Mott
Curt McDonald
Tony Parker
24 Nov, 20
Harry Nesbitt
Chris Ford
Barrie Heald
01 Dec, 20
Jenny Mott
Judy Dinnison
John Boxall
Bruce Dufty
16 Dec, 20
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