Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 994 Issue Date: 19 Dec, 2021

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The Rotary Club of Western Endeavour celebrates its 20 year anniversary in 2022.

In celebration, club members dined at the Royal Freshwater Yacht Club rooms overlooking the Swan River.  Long term RCWE members, Laurie Dender and John Boxall, presented an overview of the club’s history and some insights into its diverse and vibrant membership.

RCWE takes pride in its contribution to local and international projects and the impact it has had on society in target areas.

Harry Nesbitt

Special Days
Mon, 20 Dec - Laurie Dender's Birthday

Thu, 30 Dec - Geoff Ross' Birthday

Sun, 19 Dec - John and Jane Boxall will be celebrating 51 years of Marriage

Thu, 30 Dec - Harry and Betty Nesbitt will be celebrating 34 years of Marriage

Meeting Rosters
Thanks & Cleanup
3 minute bio
11 Jan, 22
18 Jan, 22
Peter Batskos
Peter Batskos
15 Feb, 22
12 Mar, 22
Curt McDonald
Harry Nesbitt
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