Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 985 Issue Date: 17 Oct, 2021

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Geneva Blue - A little bit of Switzerland in Western Australia.



Specialist watchmaker and collector Rob Kitto presented members of our club a fascinating insight into the Swiss watchmaking craft.

Rob is an Australian from Rural NSW who has spent more than 20 years overseas, the majority in Switzerland where he met his Swiss wife and became fluent in French. He made the jump to a watchmaking career 14 yrs ago after spending a decade travelling the world in project and sales management roles for international and Swiss companies.

After 5 years invested in perfecting the customer service levels expected by 


In his presentation, Rob spoke about the high end/luxury perfection watches produced by Swiss watchmaker such as Audemars Piguet [AP] , illustrated by the Royal Oak, and Richard Mille illustrated by RM 71-02 Automatic Winding Tourbillon Talisman.



Rob competed with 300 applicants to become one of only three apprentices to AP and learnt the craft of making fine watches between 2007-2010.


Richard Mille clients including personalised deliveries and events all over Europe and the Middle East.

Rob and his wife decided the cold damp weather in Geneva was just too much and it was time for the kids to learn English and experience the Australian beach lifestyle, so they moved back to settle in sunny Perth. 


After three years of watch retail and wholesale management in Perth, Geneva Blue was created in early 2019 to share the watchmaking passion and culture with their friends and customers. Rob has a collection of unique watches and straps and is looking to add more to trade in the near future.


Find out more about Rob and his business on


Geneva Blue - A little bit of Switzerland in Western Australia.

Author: Marcus Harris

Published: 18 March, 2021


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