Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 985 Issue Date: 17 Oct, 2021

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Brightwater Group is claimed to be Perth’s most trusted aged care and disability support provider! 

On Tuesday, 1st December our club welcomed Adriana, Andre and Hayley from Brightwater Care Group to join us to describe the services they provide to the aged and disabled in their Western Australian facilities.

Brightwater’s Mission is:  Pursuing the Dignity of Independence


Andre showed video clips demonstrating the dramatic improvement that music made to an elderly person firstly walking with the aid of a frame and without music and then with music. The improvement appeared to be outstanding.

Hayley Antipas, Brightwater’s Music & Memory Project Co-Ordinator, then provided a detailed description of the music programs that Brightwater have instituted in their facilities. “Music is good for the mind” was the theme of her talk due to music reshaping the brain in a positive manner for all ages when learning to play an instrument or singing.

At Brightwater they have developed a program known as Music Pharmacy that is beneficial for disabled clients from age 16 to 65 years. People with dementia show marked improvement in this program.

Other parts of Music Pharmacy include: -

  • Music therapy
  • Jam sessions
  • Serene Strings (Reverie Harp program)
  • Playlists
  • “Waltz Into Life” where staff are trained to use music in their daily tasks such as showering residents.

Here is a link to  their website.

Author: Marcus Harris

Published: 4 December, 2020


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