Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 842 Issue Date: 20 Jan, 2019

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Asha with member Bruce

Inspiring a culture of giving

What an interesting meeting members and guests were treated to this week. It was member Barrie Heald's turn to give us a 3-minute bio and he chose to bring part of his collection of slide rules to show and tell. Most of our members at least know what a slide rule is however they are another casualty of technology so younger people probably don't. Barrie shared that the slide rule was invented in 1622 and although he doesn't have one from that era, he has a collection of 61. It was very interesting to see the different types and how some were adapted to suit different working conditions.

Barrie was followed by the inspiring Asha Stabback who shared her journey into giving. Her earliest memory is shaking a tin for the Alzheimers Association; her grandfather was the chair of the association and her grandmother died from the disease. For Asha, giving was very much a family thing and is something she has continued doing and has also introduced her son. They discuss what he is passionate about in his giving and he decides to whom he wants to donate.

Asha has noticed that we are being asked everywhere to give money. How do we decide who is deserving? Which is the best organisation? How much goes to the cause, how much to administration?

Asha has joined a group called 100 Women to help her with this dilemma. 100 Women is a giving circle, which enables everyday people to be involved in creating a world where all women and girls can live safely with access to health, education and economic freedom. They do this by combining donations and knowledge to provide impactful grants. Asha believes philanthropy shouldn't be elitist and being part of this group enables meaningful donations can be made by a group of everyday people.

Barrie with his Bowel Scan programme award

And, here's another one!

Asha is a member of the UWA alumni and came to a career crossroads about 12 months ago. She is now Faculty Development Officer in the Health and Medical Sciences and noted that the UWA Medical School is the only one in Australia built on funds from philanthropy and that Rotary played a huge part in this.

Since taking on her new role, she has become aware of all the different ways of giving and how not everyone has the same opportunities to give. She encouraged us to think about a culture of giving that is meaningful. Legacies and bequests are available whereby you can honour someone's legacy. Knowing they have set up a bequest can bring great joy to the person while they are alive and to their family after their death.

There is a lack of awareness of what people can leave bequests to and the bequest doesn't have to be a huge amount to make a huge difference. Scholarships for students, particularly medical students who find their irregular hours make finding part time work difficult, can make things so much easier. The Student Experience scholrships are a valuable opportunity as they give students the opportunity to participate in the overseas' program, an important part of the Health and Medical Sciences fields.

100% of bequests made to the UWA Foundation go to the designated project/researcher. The Foundation works at matching donors with programs; something they are passionate about.

It was uplifting to see Asha speak from the heart about a subject she is very passionate about, both in her personal and professional life; no notes, no powerpoint presentation - words from the heart. 


Author: Judy Dinnison

Published: 5 May, 2018


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