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First IT User
A humourous look at humans working with new developments... What does it all mean?
The 1905 Act
The 1905 Act in WA though highly comprehensive discriminated against the local aboriginal community, with the loss of land and means to make a livnig from it. The Act though stating it was introduced for the general good and protection of the aboriginal community actually resulted in their segregation and demise well into the 1960s.
The Coolbaroo Club
The 50s also brought about laws which seemed absurd to a people who were the original inhabitants of this land. They were offered citizenship of Australia! It wasn't until later that the aboriginal people decided that they might have something to offer if they pulled together and so started the Coolbaroo Club Dances.
Hair Care
A poignant expression of empathy demonstrating our humanity and willingness to get alongside another in time of need.
Bring the home
A sad but compelling story of the lost generation. The decision to bring about assimilation by force, resulted in much pain and sorrow that lies deep in the psychy of every aboriginal.
Aboriginal History over 100 years
A history of the treatment of Aborigines over 100 years since European settlement. Initial genocide, recognition, assimilitation, gaining the right to vote.
Youth Exchange
Rotary has always supported young people in providing opportunities for personal growth. The overseas youth exchange program is just one of many of these programs.
A Polio Free World..?
Rotary has been at work to rid the world of polio for some years now. Dedicated Rotarians have given of their time and finances to see this project bear fruit and it is.
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