Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 845 Issue Date: 10 Feb, 2019

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What keeps us together!

Fellow Rotarians, Time for a new message!  It certainly pays to reflect on what we’ve done, as its generally more than one appreciates.

We have now conducted 2 of the 4 Speedway collections this season.  The Club (and its predecessor club in Speedway terms) have now collected a grand total of $201,285.37.  That is a mighty tribute to the Speedway fans, to Con & Gavin Migro who have made it possible, and to all our collectors over the years.  This contribution to cancer research/care deserves to be recognised.  Well done all.

The Christmas brunch and Kris Kringle was the usual great success.  Thanks Wendy & Michael for again hosting us, and to all those who contributed.  I’m just getting into the plum pudding.  I hope whoever finished up with the torch is enjoying it!

As mentioned at the Club meeting, we have submitted our suggestion for a “Rotary in Australia Centenary 2020/21” Project in WA.  Our suggestion is an Instrument Repository and associated facilities to support the “Don’t Stop the Music” Program initiated by the BeKids organisation.  Julia Hayes from BeKids helped me with the Submission, which is on the Club website.

Our speaker program continues to be excellent, and I want to thank Marcus Harris who has done a great job, including covering the Club Service Director position during Vicky’s extended absence.

The key event just coming over the horizon is our Club Information Night on Tuesday 7 May.  It is already in the Meetings & Roster section of the Newsletter so you can RSVP now.  Please start thinking of any possible candidate/s for membership to invite.  More to follow.  Of course you don’t have to wait until the Information Night to invite a guest to a Club meeting.

Requiring more immediate action is our fundraiser at the Hyde Park Fair on 3 & 4 March. Jane has organised a stall selling 100 square raffle tickets and to promote our Club.  Please respond to Jane’s email to advise when you can attend on roster.  You can also respond to the Event entry in the Newsletter. This will be a replacement for our regular 5 March meeting.

I think that’s enough- I’ll need some material for my next (last??) message.  I think it is clear from the above that all Club members deserve thanks for the great spirit they bring to our Club!


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Special Days
Wed, 13 Feb - Marcus Harris will have served our Rotary club for 1 year

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12 Feb, 19
Bruce Fielding
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Rohan Nagappa
Marcus Harris
19 Feb, 19
Laurie Dender
Byron Williamson
Chris Ford
Donna Thornton
Marcus Harris
26 Feb, 19
Harry Nesbitt
Geoff Ross
Judy Dinnison
Harry Nesbitt
Bruce Dufty
05 Mar, 19
12 Mar, 19
Marcus Harris
Donna Thornton
David Fisher
Jane O'Leary
Judy Dinnison
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