Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 922 Issue Date: 2 Aug, 2020

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After the operation, a rather cheery face

Y Quyet now smiles. ...after some tortuous weeks

On Thursday night Kelli & I said our sad goodbye’s to Lu Mok and Y Quyet as they headed off for a long journey home to Vietnam.

The flight to Vietnam is 10 hours and then 7 hours by bus and then I guess they will walk the last part home.

Whilst the surgery had complications Y Quyet is well, and a very different boy to the one who arrived about 3 months ago. Last night he was very animated, cuddly and chatting away in Vietnamese whilst Lu Mok was very sad and nervous about going home. When they arrived Y Quyet was very shy and would not let us pick him up, or even look at us. I presented them with a photo album last night, and Y Quyet loved looking at all the pictures of himself, especially those post surgery.

The program has been very successful in not only transforming the health and appearance of Y Quyet, but also helping their family financially.

Our club last night made a donation of $500 to the Vietnamese Buddhist Temple, which I have been told will be given to the family, along with other monies raised by the Vietnamese community.

And now it is 'ET Home...!'

Before the operation, he looks a bit wary

We should all be very proud that we have built strong ties with the Vietnamese community, which will assist ROMAC and Rotary in the future, and that our small club has been instrumental in the ROMAC program in Perth.

As our club experience shows it is often very difficult and expensive for a small club in Perth to run international programs due to the distance from the countries we are trying to assist.

ROMAC is a fantastic program that brings overseas families to our door step making it so easy and affordable to change their lives and suffering.

Finally, I am very proud that Kelli Williams has now been appointed to the ROMAC district committee so we can keep in touch with the work of ROMAC and have the opportunity to host another family in the future.

Author: Robyn O'Callaghan

Published: 14 July, 2006


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