Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 938 Issue Date: 22 Nov, 2020

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Joint DG visit with Rotary CLub of West Perth

District Governor Graham Peden addressed the joint meeting that was well attended by both Clubs.  Graham runs a Quantity Surveying Business. He joined the Rotary Club of Perth in 2005, where has contributed to many his Club’s service projects. He is currently Rotary District 9455’s Governor.

Key points from his address were:

  • 2018-19 Rotary Connects the World Logo – he explained that it represents people gathering around the table to connect. The colours of each person commence as they enter the room and then move to their place at the table to “Connect”.
  • He stated that Rotary is currently focusing on six areas of service. These are:
  1. Promoting Peace
  2. Fighting Disease
  3. Providing Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  4. Saving Mothers and Children
  5. Supporting Education
  6. Growing Economies

Graham stated that he thought it important that Rotary consider having a seventh: “Maintaining a Healthy Environment”.

  • Growing Rotary is also an important goal. He thought that Rotary needs to decide to commit to either “Regeneration’ or “Degeneration”. His choice was the former – He thought that Clubs need to be made more attractive; ensure that potential members get a positive impression of the organisation; provide meaningful and fun volunteering experience; reduce cost to members in terms of money and time; minimize the administrative burdens. He thought that Rotary International’s focus in citations awarded to people for services in the following categories of Leadership, families, professionals and the community would be a very positive step toward make the Clubs more attractive and engaging.  “Flexibility” is the key word when Clubs regenerate.
  • Graham emphasized that it was important that members adhere to Rotary’s policy of “a work-life” balance.
  • He recommended that members go online to read “My Rotary”. He said the Rotary website if likely to be updated and made more user friendly by the end of the 2019 calendar year. Although he was aware that many Club members access the site, he encouraged those who had not done so to log on and use the site.
  • He said that Rotary International surveys indicates that the traditional “Rotary Business Model” is working well in under-developed nations, whilst it is doing less well in developed nations.  He thought a return to Clubs taking on work in local communities was important in nay regeneration process. Most developed nations have become more diverse which is a challenge for our Clubs. He recommended the Green Batch project, and the establishment of E-Clubs and In-House Corporate Clubs.
  • In closing he challenged clubs to be become more adaptable because it would guarantee their sustainability.
  • Recorder

    Bruce Dufty

    Author: Bruce Dufty

    Published: 9 October, 2019


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