Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 868 Issue Date: 21 Jul, 2019

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One of the activities. Would you be game??


Camp Opportunity is a week long live in camp for special-needs adult “Campers”, between the ages of 18 and 35 years, to team with an able-bodied carer “Buddy” for a week of adventure as they mix and interact in a fun atmosphere to share new friendships and experiences.

Camp Opportunity runs from Sunday 13th to Saturday 19th January 2019.

Camp Opportunity is held at the Point Walter Recreation Centre, Bicton which is a dormitory style camp with rooms for 4 people: each has its own bathroom.

The Campers and Buddies engage in many and varied activities including Archery, Abseiling, Flying Fox, Ten Pin Bowling, Adventure World, Zoo visit, T-shirt screen printing, Disco & Karaoke, Water Sports (biscuit and boat rides), Kite Making, Art and Craft, Talent Night and lots of swimming and laughter.

Robyn Penny the organising Secretary presented the plans for District 9455 Camp Opportunity 2019.

She showed a video from 2018 Camp and a slide show “MY EXPERIENCE” where one of the campers commented very positively on the benefits of the camp  

 How the Club can Support Camp Opportunity

  •   Sponsor one or more Campers and/or a Buddies for $800 per     attendee
  •   Make a direct donation to Camp Opportunity
  •   Sponsor a particular activity ranging in cost from $500 to                 $1,000
  •   Source Campers and Buddies who can be sponsored by
         other clubs, organisations or individuals
  •   Donate supplies such as food, first aid supplies, raffle
         prizes and other equipment
  •   Rotary Clubs can arrange to attend the Camp Opportunity              dinner as a club group instead of holding their regular weekly        meeting

OTHER DISTRICT 9455 CLUBS are already involved with Supporting Dinners and the trip to Adventure world 

 What’s next? 

  •  To source “Campers”, ask your Rotary Club members, friends, neighbours, colleagues, employees, Disability Services and other disability organisations such as Good Samaritans, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and Headwest
  • President Tony and Robyn Penny

  • For “Buddies”, ask Rotary Club members, friends, neighbours, colleagues, employees, Rotaract members, past exchange students, RYLA participants, Local Church and Youth Groups, Universities and TAFEs (Nursing, Teaching, Medical, Youth and Community studies).
  •  Complete nomination forms that are available from our Facebook Page or from the Secretary (see below). All nominations for Campers and Buddies must be submitted on the 2018 nomination forms and must include a recent passport size photo. “Campers” and “Buddies” must be 18 or over and under 36 on 12thJanuary 2019.
  •  Submit your nomination/s by 31st October 2018, preferably via email to or mail to Chairman, 505 Kilburn Road, Parkerville, WA 6081
  •  Sponsorships and donations can be deposited directly into the 
  • Rotary D9455 Camp Opportunity BSB  036062  A/c   663672
  • Please use Club Name as a reference. 

  • Important Notes:
    •  Campers previously attending Camp Opportunity or Rotary District 9465’s Handicamp are not eligible
    •  Current Youth Exchange Students are not eligible to attend under the terms of Rotary International’s Youth Protection Policy
    •  All nominations are assessed by the Camp Opportunity Nurse and committee who have sole discretion on final selection. Outcomes will be advised directly to applicants and clubs and the advice will include a check list of what to bring to camp.

    For more information go to the District 9455 Website OR Facebook Page and source the Flyer.


        Email:    Robyn at

        Phone:     Mark Williamson:   Ph   9295 4359

                            Robyn Penny:   Ph:  9221 0316  Mob: 0400 249 277

        Mail: 505 Kilburn Road, Parkerville, WA, 6081





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