Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 846 Issue Date: 17 Feb, 2019

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Alan with Laurie and Bruce

treemission ©

On Tuesday, January 16, 2018, Alan Briggs (from the Rotary Club of West Perth) came to the club to explain Rotary’s tree planting initiative called treemission ©

The program was originally founded over 10 years ago, in conjunction with the National Trust Conservation Covenant program, which Alan was running.

The problem: In 1974 the average rainfall halved. Then the average dropped again in 2000. Contributions to the drop were; land clearing (65%), increased greenhouse gases (15%), and natural climate change (20%). As a result the eastern wheatbelt is less economic.

The opportunity: The primary objective is to reverse the effects of land clearing by planting trees, rehabilitating cleared land where possible. The is also achieved through conservation, preservation and education programs.

Ian Riseley has set a target for Rotarians for 2018. More information can be found in the following summary, recently prepared by Alan for Lindsay Dry:


 treemission ©

A Proposed International Rotary Environmental Program

Rotary International President Ian Riseley has called upon Rotarians, all 1.2 million of them, to plant a tree by Earth Day 2018 (22nd April). Planting trees is easy, but it does take a lot of organising. What species, where to plant, when to plant.

In 2009, West Perth Rotary Club sponsored the launch of treemission by the RI President D K Lee and WA’s Agent General Kerry Sanderson (recently the Governor of Western Australia) at the 100th International Convention in Birmingham, UK. The launch was marketed across Europe and received support through the Rotary Down Under Bulletin in Australia. treemission has continued as a project of West Perth with plantings at Woodman Point and Kenwick. It is time for it to take a more central stage for Rotary given the kudos of its initial launch.

Treemission was conceived in partnership with the National Trust of Australia (WA) and a tax-deductible conservation appeal was established into which Rotarians and community members could make donations to offset their Rotary carbon footprint. The treemission conservation appeal is managed by four members of West Perth RC. Funds can be generated through the appeal or by Rotary clubs setting aside a budget for tree planting to be coordinated under the treemission banner or by individual clubs in support of the brand name.

Land is essential. There are panting areas within the metropolitan region and on farmland in rural areas. The former Men of the Trees, now operating under the brand “Trillion Trees”, grows native species seedlings and funds planting at Kenwick where a memorial grove has been established. It is quite popular. This not-for-profit organisation make a good partner as does Avongro Incorporated which plants trees in the Wheatbelt region (Cunderdin, Quairading, Gabbin). Both organisations can assist in locating suitable planting land for trees (includes shrubs and grasses).

To plant trees for each Rotarian requires seedlings to be sown in nurseries now (Oct/Dec) to ensure they reach the right planting size for next winter. Timing is essential noting the Earth Day schedule, but planting might not be possible until June/July 2018 depending on rainfall and site preparation.


WA Rotary Districts and clubs adopt and coordinate the treemission brand and program;

Marketing and promotional material already prepared be updated and used to raise awareness;

Websites be linked to a central treemission site for information purposes;

Powerpoints/video clips be used by “champions” at club meetings to inform club members across WA and determine the level of interest in tree planting;

A central team coordinate the tree planting for 2018 to meet Ian Riseley’s target.

Alan Briggs, West Perth Rotary Club, treemission ambassador

Author: Vicky Rowe

Published: 17 January, 2018


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