Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 922 Issue Date: 2 Aug, 2020

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Sprucing up the Observatory

National Trust Busy Bee

The National Trust has kindly made the historic Old Observatory in West Perth available free of charge for our fundraising event 'Splash into Spring' again this year.

In return, club members are encouraged to participate in a busy bee to tidy up the grounds. So dust off your gardening equipment and be ready to prune, dig and plant on Saturday 12 August 2006.

Early starters are encouraged to be there from 8.00am and a BBQ lunch will be provided to participants.

Those who attended last year had a satisfying few days and as a bonus enjoyed morning tea on the balcony upstairs overlooking our beautiful city. We were also given a tour of the buildings including the Government Astronomer's Observation Tower.

It was a memorable day for all - especially Flo who really wanted to climb the tower again so left her sunglasses up the top. She also managed to cut through the electrical cord on her hedge why didn't it work!!!

Events such as this strengthen our partnership with the National Trust so be quick to put your name down.

Author: Judy Dinnison

Published: 14 July, 2006


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