Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 982 Issue Date: 26 Sep, 2021

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After a day of skiing

Denders visit Queenstown NZ

Here we are some 8000 kms away from Perth. Hard to believe that in a very short amount of time we can be in such a different place. Flying over the South Island alps was a sight to see with the mountains peeking above the clouds.

Our flight was delayed in Sydney for about 2.5 hours due to repairs, and our connecting flight from Christchurch to Queenstown was held to enable our departure along with about 65 others. The thought did cross our minds that we may be left in Christchurch and missing out on a day of skiing...but not to be.

We are going through a new phase of life these days with our kids no longer joining us on holidays. No more cooking meals on holidays...and eating out has been a pleasant change....Alma is in heaven. I have made it a point to sample as many New Zealand beers as possible. Their beers taste very much like mine so obviously using more malt than the Aussie beers. Speights Golden Ale is almost identical to the ale I have just made at home so the yeast must be very similar.

The Remarkables from Coronet Peak

NZ South Island Alps

According to the locals, the snow season is the best that they have had in about 50 years. The snow is well packed with very few rocks showing, and once the sun and the snow boarders get onto it the icy surface soon loosens up. Which means for skiiers like me, that falling over is just a lot less painful.

We visited the local Queenstown Rotary club, to be greeted by a mass of students from NSW who are over here on short term Rotary Youth Exchange. I wasn't aware of this program but it certainly seems to be appreciated by the participants.

We are heading off on Thursday to the Fox glacier to do a tour guided walk on the glacier, on Friday. See you when we get back next week!

Author: Laurie Dender

Published: 29 August, 2006


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