Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 982 Issue Date: 26 Sep, 2021

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Mark points out the features of a foot

Mark tells of Forensic Podiatry

Mark Ould specialises in identifying feet. Not just any feet. He often doesn't get to the crime scene and doesn't like to get too close to the event just in case of bias. So back at the office with a host of tools at his disposal he analyses the data provided to try as best he can to disprove the hypotheses of a particular suspect.

Foot imprints are dynamic and so adjustments have to be made for velocity and impact and direction to come up with an actual size. We found out that only 70% of the population have symmetric pressure distributions when standing and the other 30% can be more easily identified due to their more unique asymmetric stand.

So are you safe in a shoe when you commit a crime? Apparently not as even these can leave tell tale pressure marks and can identify the foot in the shoe.

Indentifying the suspect

Not just any woman's foot

Mark told an interesting story of his experience in confirming the foot of a woman who had killed her boyfriend, put him in the boot of car and then tried to push the car into a pond. All the footprints just gave her away.

Our President Alma Dender wanted to know how to commit the perfect crime, and high heels seem to be a good means of getting around the detection system. A few sizes over your normal foot size and a special pair of shoes for the occasion would seem to be appropriate as well. What a thing to ask from a Rotarian!

Author: Laurie Dender

Published: 22 August, 2006


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