Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 982 Issue Date: 26 Sep, 2021

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Pearl jewellery and silk bags

11 weeks to Splash into Spring

There's only 11 weeeks to Splash into Spring so start thinking about who you can invite to enjoy the day.

The committee is asking members to pre sell tickets to the function this year and as an incentive, offering a mystery prize to the person who sells the most tickets. We are hoping that members will be able to sell 10 tickets each so start thinking about who you can invite.

As part of our marketing strategy, we intend sending two complimentary tickets to all the metropolitan Rotary clubs and any other appropriate groups so if you have any contacts you would like tickets sent to, please advise one of the committee.

Along with pearls, hats, silk bags and shoes, we will have vendors offering a selection of gourmet food lines and skin care products. It should be a great day.

Tickets and flyers will be available soon.

Author: Judy Dinnison

Published: 12 August, 2006


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Judy Dinnison
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