Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 982 Issue Date: 26 Sep, 2021

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Splash into Spring

Planning for Splash into Spring, the club's next fundraising event is well underway.

The event will be held in the historic splendour of the National Trust headquarters, West Perth on Saturday 28th October.

The fundraising committee have set a goal to attract 200 guests to spoil themselves with what we have on offer. There will be pearl jewellery, gorgeous hats (a great opportunity to find THE hat for the Melbourne Cup on
the 7th November), silk bags and shoes and some gourmet food lines.

And that is where you, the members of our Rotary club come in. Start writing a list of people you can invite - friends, family and workmates. Promote it as an opportunity to spoil themselves and a chance to get in some early Christmas shopping at very reasonable prices.

Tickets are $10.00 each and will be available prior to the event as well as at the door. The committee is working on some incentives for ticket sales. The price includes a welcome drink and finger food and entry in the door
prize. Tickets, electronic and hardcopy flyers advertising the event will be available soon to help spread the word with friends, family and workmates.

The fundraising committee is working with the Board to identify a specific project to receive funds from this event, to assist in its promotion. If you have any sggestions, please advise a Board member so it can be dicussed at the next Board meeting.

So, we have a:

...and you need to supply WHO

Get busy getting your list of names together.

Author: Judy Dinnison

Published: 28 July, 2006


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