Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 922 Issue Date: 2 Aug, 2020

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The cheque for the Cord Blood Bank

District Governor, Ian Murray addresses our Club

Ian Murray our District Governor addressed our club with words of encouragement and reminders of the wonderful work that Rotarians are undertaking around the world.

It is the spark of inspiration and the many hours of labour, time and money that make a difference to a world of suffering.

Rotarians change lives and assist in giving hope to those in need by their ceaseless acts of giving. Most clubs have over 10 projects and when this is multiplied by the number of clubs in the world, there are literally hundreds of thousands of projects that make a difference.

Our President, Alma Dender, presented Ian with a cheque for $2,000 being for Rotary's Cord Blood Bank Project. The monies were raised from the recent BigQuiz, with significant funds also raised for Princess Margaret Hospital.

Ian commented on the implant in his head which has made him rather one eyed about Rotary, and his conviction was a pleasure to hear.

We wish him well in his role as District Governor, and I'm sure we will see many wonderful things occur from District 9450 this year.

Also present at our meeting was Kay Mason our new Assistant Governor. Kay will be directly responsible for liaising with our club as Ian's representative.

In addition to Ian's words of encouragement were a number of badges and awards presented to members who were not able to make it to the changeover lunch. These were to Bruce Fielding for his thorough work as Treasurer for over two years, our new Treasurer Donna Thornton, our Youth and Vocational Director Veronica Devereaux, and our Community Service Director Margaret Ingleton.

Alma Dender also received her President's badge.

Author: Laurie Dender

Published: 18 July, 2006


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