Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Western Endeavour - Issue No.: 922 Issue Date: 2 Aug, 2020

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Village Por Location

Por Village - Bore Water Quality?

The Por village is situated in the Mekong delta region and this area has been noted for high levels of arsenic. In addition, due to the amount of defecation by both humans as well as animals in the fields local to the village, the ground water could well be contaminated by bacteria.

Mr Laurie Dender of our club undertook a search to investigate test kits which could be used for testing the presence of excessive levels of arsenic in the soil.

AusAID has been working extensively in Cambodia and has written articles in respect to water quality. AusAID has published the AusAID arsenic guide which gives guidance on acceptable practise in regard to water quality.

During this search Dr Laurie Glossop of our club discovered an NGO who has been working in the Mekong delta area, and has mapped the specific areas where arsenic soils have been discovered.

Map of Cambodian Provinces

Areas of Arsenic Risk

The adjacent map shows the areas with high concentrations of arsenic in the ground water. It should be noted that the village Por is located to the east and south of the worst affected areas. The village is within 5km of the Vietnam border east of Svay Rieng and is actually outside the critical areas.

Testing of the water is undertaken using a fairly simple test kit. These can be purchased for about $300 however it is probably better to have an experienced NGO undertake the work on our behalf.

It is the opinion of both Dr Glossop and Mr Dender that Western Endeavour should commission testing of the bores for bacterial and arsenic contamination upon their completion. This could be undertaken by RDI Cambodia.

Author: Laurie Dender

Published: 22 June, 2006


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