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Speaker Details
Mr Anji Srivatsa
Organ donation
I am the Charter President of the world’s first cause based Rotary club of Organ Donation RID 3232, inaugurated by PRI President Shekhar Mehta. I Founded and chartered a total of 3 still active rotary clubs.

I request an invite to be a speaker at your club as I drive around the world to Unite Rotary for Organ Donation. I will be in the area March 21-April 22nd, on my drive to the next Rotary International Convention in Melbourne, Australia. The mission is to create hope in the world where NO ONE DIES WAITING FOR AN ORGAN. The Mission was kicked off at the 2022 Rotary International Convention in Houston by IPRI President Shekhar Mehta and the Next RI President Gordon.

Driving about 40000 miles, my drive started in Bangalore, India. The Goal was to speak to 100 Rotary Clubs before I reach the next convention in May, 2023 and compete for India in the World Transplant games in Perth, Australia in April 2023.

This mission is on for the past 8 year since my kidney donation. To reach a million potential donors with my story along with pertinent information about organ donation. IMAGINE THIS ROTARY. We did it for Polio. We can do it again.

I have reached about 250000 people so far with over 800 talks and on the road for over 800 days Driving across 57 countries. I have Spoken in over 530 Rotary clubs so far
My lecture covers
•How I dealt with all the fears associated with organ donation
•How I became a world record holding athlete after donating
•Navigating the legal and procedural issues that plagues Organ Donation around the world
•About concerns that only first-hand interactions with a donor can help address.
•what happens after you sign up.
•I deal with religious and superstitious myths that surround Organ Donation that comes in the way to help save lives.

In All I speak about Ideas on what your club can do locally to make organ donation awareness part of your clubs agenda.

Marina Berzins
Managing Trustee Gift of Life Adventure Foundation (GOLA) Inc. USA . INDIA
Meeting Details
7:00am - 8:30am
Tuesday, 11 Apr, 2023
Men's Shed
Claremont Showgrounds, Claremont, WA