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Speaker Details
Ms Marie-Louise Carroll
The EON Foundation for Healty Aboriginal Communities
Marie-Louise Carroll is Executive Manager with responsibility for governance, reporting, communications, sourcing new funding, overseeing monitoring and evaluation and working with the team to implement the strategic plan.
Previously, Marie-Louise was State Manager for Creative Partnerships Australia and has extensive experience in business development, communications, program and event marketing and management, partnerships and stakeholder relations. She has also worked as State Director (NSW) for the Australia Business Arts Foundation and National Relationship Manager for the Surf Life Saving Foundation where she managed a wide range of partner and philanthropic relationships. Marie-Louise served a 3-year term as Senior Classifier on the Classification Board, a full-time statutory board role, and is a former lawyer who has worked for the BBC and Film Victoria.
Marcus Harris
To make a lasting contribution in remote Aboriginal communities through the reduction of preventable and chronic disease caused by poor nutrition. In partnership with remote Aboriginal communities and using edible gardens as a tool, deliver programs
Meeting Details
7:00am - 8:30am
Tuesday, 17 Nov, 2020
Leederville Sports Centre
78 Cambridge St, Leederville, WA